12V, 600lb Door Magnetic Lock

This larger magnetic lock is ideal for keeping full-size doors closed until players have solved a puzzle. Powered by 12V, the lock retains the armature plate as long as power is applied, and the lock is released when power is removed.

Our high-quality locks are manufactured by a trusted partner to our exacting standards, and feature an internal protection diode that helps protect other circuits from electromagnetic interference caused by the lock switching on and off.

We include detailed installation instructions, all necessary mounting hardware, and a helpful template for drilling holes in your door frame or prop.

This lock’s electrical connection is made using a convenient set of screw terminals located behind an access panel – no wire splicing required! A short pigtail is included if you prefer to make connections outside the lock, but we recommend you extend your own wire into the access panel and connect directly to the screw terminals provided.

Like many door sized locks, this product also includes an LED indicator light. We find this feature helpful for troubleshooting while setting up your room, but if you prefer to hide the LED indicator for thematic reasons, it can easily be removed from its mounting hole and stored inside the access panel.


Lock body:  250mm x 47mm x 25mm
Armature plate: 190mm x 45mm x 11mm
Holding force:  280kg / 600lbs
Current consumption:  520mA
Voltage: 12V
Weight:  2.1kgs
Certification:  CE