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Welcome to our Knowledge Center, which collects all our manuals, downloads and FAQ articles in one convenient location. We’re actively working on expanding our documentation, so please let us know at if there are any articles you’d like to see added or expanded!


Software Downloads
Latest BAM: 2.0.0-alpha-17 (June 2022)
Latest firmware: 1.9.6 (Oct 2021)


Frequently Asked Questions

Support and Community

For live community support and to connect with other Escape Room Techs users, join our friendly Facebook group.

Need more personalized assistance? We’re here to help! Reach out to our support team at and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

If your problem needs real-time troubleshooting, we recommend contacting us via Facebook Messenger for the fastest response. Our business hours are 10AM-6PM Pacific Time, but we do our best to reply to support enquiries around the clock when possible.

Please note that we are happy to help with setting up, configuring and maintaining our products, but a consulting fee may apply for custom engineering or troubleshooting integrations with other systems, circuits or props we didn’t build.