Bad Ass Controller

Bad Ass Controller Release 1.9.3

BAC 1.9.3 Changes and New Features

  • Combo Lock
    • Updated Game Master to have standard elements
  • Simon Says
    • Added “Ready Wait” option to allow disabling of the ready wait lockout period
    • Added logging showing when inputs are wrong and what the correct input should have been
  • Input Sequence
    • Added logging showing when inputs are wrong and what the correct input should have been
  • Debug messages
    • Added more across the board to give users better feedback
    • Changed all references to events that were actually event actions to the proper name
    • Removed logging every time Escape Room Master is polled
    • Added log message to be sent out when a watchdog timeout occurs
    • Added log message for reset cause as part of welcome message
    • Added log message reporting if a fault has previously occurred and at what position in the code as part of welcome message
  • Added more feedback for FX20 and NeoPixel commands
  • Improved MQTT connection logic and feedback
  • Added navigation buttons at the top of each event page linking to the other ones
  • Changed NeoPixel inputs to refer properly to new FX45 silkscreen
  • Added characters for 4×4 layout for Keypad game
  • Improved settings and overview for Knock Knock game
  • Improved BAC loop speed

BAC 1.9.3 Bug Fixes

  • BAC becoming unresponsive periodically
    • Symptom: A BAC running without a usb serial connection would become unresponsive to any outside input for a few seconds
  • Input Sequence cannot be solved after being failed once
    • Symptom: After failing the Input Sequence game, inputting the correct sequence would not solve it until after a reset
  • Blinking outputs not always turning off
    • Symptom: With an output blinking, calling the “All Output” action with value off would not stop it
  • Audio BAC crashing when using FX60 to trigger sounds
    • Symptom: Using a non V BAC with both audio and FX60 could result in a crash due to a watchdog timeout
  • BAC V backups not working properly
    • Symptom: Backing up a BAC V would not save event actions
  • FX20 commands not always functioning with differently addressed FX20
    • Symptom: Sending a command to any FX20 besides #1 would not work without #1 connected
  • Patch Cable
    • All inputs not updating network even when not used by the game
      • Symptom: Running a Patch Cable game with less than the max amount of inputs would prevent the additional inputs from properly updating the network when used for other purposes
    • Changing of outputs spams network
      • Symptom: Running Patch Cable with a network like MQTT would spam the network with output changes
  • Touching hands not working on BAC V
    • Symptom: Running Touching Hands on a BAC V would not function at all

USB Files: