Escape Room Techs BAM

To set up, configure and manage your controller, install our BAM software (formerly known as Bad Ass Manager) on your desktop or laptop computer. Select your operating system to download:

NEW: BAM 2.0 is now available!

We’re excited to announce a major upgrade to BAM: Version 2.0 includes many usability improvements, including a new log view and a self-contained window that doesn’t require a web browser. It also will automatically keep itself up to date!

BAM 2.0 also includes a brand-new USB firmware update experience. To get started, just choose Update Controller from the Tools menu and follow the instructions.

Legacy BAM (Version 1.8.4)

If you encounter issues using BAM 2.0 or if your preferred platform isn’t supported yet, you can still download the previous version here:

Tip: If you open BAM 1.x on Windows and all you see is a command prompt window, please follow the instructions in this article.

Firmware Updates

To resolve problems, add new features or switch the type of game you are hosting, you may occasionally need to update the software that runs inside your controller (known as firmware).

To update your firmware, we recommend you install BAM 2.0 from the top of this page, then use the built in firmware update tool from the Tools menu. It will automatically download and install the firmware for you.

If you need to perform a manual installation because BAM 2.0 is not working for you, you can still do so. For detailed firmware update instructions, click here.

Before updating, please review our frequently asked questions about when an update is necessary. An update may not be necessary or advisable in some circumstances.

Finally, you may find that after updating your firmware, you may need to reset the controller to factory defaults due to settings mismatches. This is especially likely if switching game types or downgrading to an older version. If so, follow these instructions after updating.

Bad Ass Controller (Version 1.9.6)

Select the firmware version that matches the game logic you want to use. Most controllers ship with “Standard” firmware by default.

We currently recommend you download the “Update via USB” version of the firmware and use the USB firmware update tool listed below. You will need to connect your BAC to your computer with a micro USB cable and use a specific button sequence to place the controller into download mode. BAM 2.0 can help you through the process, but if you need to resort to the legacy process, instructions and a brief video tutorial on performing a USB firmware update are available here.

All software versions include Room Controller mode, which is always active even when another game is selected. For more information about individual games, please refer to the BAC Manual.

VersionUpdate via BAMUpdate via USB
Standard (M3/MQTT)

Included games:
– Simple Match
– Patch Game
Download Download
Standard (ERM)

Included games:
– Simple Match
– Patch Game
Download Download
Combo Lock
Download Download
Download Download
Set B*

Included games:
– Keypad
– Knock Knock
Download Download
Download Download

Included games:
– Input Sequence
– Simon Says
Download Download

Included games:
– Valve Game
– Rotational Array
Download Download

*Firmware versions with an asterisk do not include audio support by default. For games involving these features and audio, please contact us for instructions at and mention the control software you are using (M3, ERM, etc., if any)

USB Firmware Updater

We’ve replaced this software with the new update experience in BAM 2.0, which is much easier to use and doesn’t require a separate download. The old updater is still available for now in case you need it, though:


If you need to downgrade to a previous version for troubleshooting, or if you’d like to see the list of changes that have been made, we maintain a full history of release notes for our products.