Controller FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

When should I upgrade the software for my controller?

The Bad Ass Controller can upgrade its internal software (known as firmware) over the Internet (with bootloader versions 1.2 and greater). To upgrade, simply go to the system screen in Bad Ass Manager and click the firmware update button. New firmware will automatically be downloaded and installed, which may include bug fixes and new games or capabilities. 

But should you upgrade your controller at all?

While we make every effort to improve our products with each upgrade, new versions of software may cause subtle changes to how your escape room operates. We recommend only upgrading your firmware when necessary, and doing so during a time when you have enough time to resolve any issues that may arise before your next booking.

After a firmware upgrade:

  • A game you are using may need to be reconfigured.
  • New features may not carry over from previous configurations..
  • A game may work differently or have other nuances that are unexpected.

If you need an update, we recommend:

  • If your budget permits, keep a spare controller on hand to test any new upgrade with. After you have validated your new gameplay with the spare controller, update your live game.
  • Do not upgrade controllers in live games without a backup.
  • Update during slow times, like Monday morning. This will give you time to address unforeseen issues.