Implementation of classic operation of a combination lock.

Hardware Requirements


Combo Lock Settings


The sensor to use to detect the puck positioning. Includes the onboard hall sensor as well as any detected FX51's.


The display to show the current value. Includes any detected FX20's.

Min Field Strength

Minimum strength before sensor starts accepting readings. Adjust to keep sensor from displaying noisy data as the magnet is brought to the sensor.

Noise Filtering

Averaging done to clean up noise. Lower values are more responsive but noisy, higher values are less responsive but reliable.


This section contains the digits of the combination. Each text box is one digit in the sequence. Combination can be 1-10 stops long. I.e. if you want the combination 12 27 10, put 12 in the 0 box, 27 in the 1 box, and 10 in the 2 box, and click save.


Valid values are 0-39 or blank.

Game Master

Game Log

Displays status updates when events happen within the game logic. Includes messages when the puck is found or a value is entered.