Input Sequence


Simple input state game that looks for a sequence of single button presses to solve. Any incorrect input will reset the sequence to the beginning.

Hardware Requirements


Immediate Fail

Whether to fail as soon as a wrong input is activated, or after full sequence length is put in. For instance if inputting a "password" with 4 digits, you might want to fail only after the 4 inputs have been detected.


A list of all the "Buttons" set up for the game.

Button X

Can be set to any of the BAC inputs or external inputs (such as FX60 or FX18), or set to none to be ignored.


These settings do not usually need to be changed in order to customize or set up a game, but may be useful to more advanced users. To view these settings, check the enable box and save the settings. After the page refreshes, the advanced settings will be there.

Settle Time

The amount of time the button must be held down in order to count as a press. Important to filter out unwanted presses and double taps.

Sequential Mode

Used when multiple sequences are learned. Inputting one sequence correctly will move on to the next one.


Settings corresponding to each sequence.


Dropdown to select which event will happen when the sequence is triggered.


Learning options are accessed via Game tab and Learning button. Any of the 3 sequences can be recorded on the learn page. The same steps are done but with the corresponding buttons.


  1. Press "Learn" to start learning.
  2. Trigger your inputs (i.e. press buttons) in desired sequence.
  3. Click "Finish Learning" to save settings.
  4. Input solve sequence again to verify it triggers.


Begin Learning

Used to start learning.

Finish Learning

Used to finish learning and save.

Game Log

Displays status updates when events happen within the game logic.

Game Master

Game Log

Displays status updates when events happen within the game logic.