Simple Match


Simple match looks for a pattern of input states to solve the prop.

Hardware Requirements


Number Of Conditions

The number of conditions that need to match to solve the game. Starting with condition 1 and going on.

Latch Conditions

Causes conditions to latch on when solved for the first time. Satisfying a condition then unsatisfying it will treat it as if it is still satisfied. Conditions are latched until reset.

Settle Time (ms)

Amount of time the conditions need to be satisfied for in order to activate. Useful for filtering out voltage spikes or sketchy input devices.


Condition X

Can be set to any of the BAC inputs or external inputs (such as FX60 or FX18), or set to none to be ignored.

Game Master


Shows all of the conditions that are required.

Condition X

When the condition is satisfied, the red light here will change to green.