Realistic phone prop with on/off hook detection, dialtone, DTMF / Pulse Tone decoding, message playback and optional ringer.

Hardware Requirements


Good Phone Number Configuration

This section is for phone numbers that the user can dial. When the number is dialed, the user will hear the message. When Phone Number 1 is entered, the game will solve. The following settings apply per phone number:

Phone Number X

The solution phone number. Calling this number on the phone will play the corresponding message file. Phone numbers have a 10 digit maximum

Message Sound File

Name of the solution message sound file. Played when the corresponding phone number is dialed.


The event that will happen when the particular solution is entered.

Other Sound Files

Bad Number Sound File

Name of sound file played when a user dials a number not in the list.

Dial Tone Sound File

Name of looped dial tone sound file.

Timeout / Call Over Sound File

Name of sound file played when a session times out or when a message ends.

Ringback Sound File

Name of sound file played when phone is ringing.

Operator Call Settings

Ringer Sound Enabled

Enables calls to be sent / received between players and game master.

Operator Number

The number the user should dial to reach the operator.

Answer/Call Button

Button used by game master to send phone call or answer phone call from user.

Visual Cue

Output to show game master that user is calling.

Use Clue

Enables the list of a "clue" sound file. The clue will be played when the user answers a call from the operator.

Clue Sound File

Name of sound file played for clue.


These settings do not usually need to be changed in order to customize or set up a game, but may be useful to more advanced users. To view these settings, check the enable box and save the settings. After the page refreshes, the advanced settings will be there.

Inactivity Timeout

Timeout in milliseconds before the timeout (fastbusy) sound plays.

Pulse Mode

Determines if pulse audio mode is used or not.

Status And Files

Device Hardware Status

Shows the error status of the audio player.

File List

Shows a list of all the files found on the SD card.

Game Master

Play sound files

Each button in this section corresponds to the message file for one of the numbers.

Play Message File X

Manually plays the corresponding message file on the phone. Useful for if a player is stuck.




As a general rule, sound files should be trimmed for silence before and after the message.